Happy Eating

Food can be the special reward that gets us through a busy week, nourishment for an individual life style,  something comforting that evokes our childhood memories, or an opportunity to travel somewhere else in the world with our taste buds.  The food we eat should be deeply personal and catered to our taste.  There is a common thread for all of us - really good food makes us happy.


hours of simmering


Cooking with love. 


We know the best kind of food  is made by being simmered for hours in low heat.  So, every one of our dishes is cooked this way.  We use only fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.


WHY Frozen?

Our frozen meals and dumplings are made for working adults with their families in mind.  We believe having dinner at home should be unpretentious and wholesome.  Our frozen meals and dumplings can be kept in your freezers at home,   great for any time you don't want to cook,  or just want to have great food around.   All these meals can be reheated and served very quickly.   Since we freeze them as soon as we make them,  they will never compromise in their taste or textures.